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Meet the trainer

Hi! I’m Evan 👋🏼 I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist with nearly a decade of experience working with clients and teaching fitness classes. I started my fitness journey in middle school when I joined the soccer team (our record was not good). I didn’t have that many friends and soccer helped me break out of my shell and build a community. Creating friendships and connections through movement has become a driving force throughout my life.

After college, I pursued a career in fitness and lived in New York City where I taught for SoulCycle. A few years later, I moved to Seattle as a Founding Instructor to open the first SoulCycle studio in the Pacific Northwest (the farthest West I had been before that was Pennsylvania — yes seriously). I currently teach as a Prinicpal Instructor for Barry’s.

I train my clients to be strong and smart. I give them the “why” behind each decision I make in their training. Teaching my clients the fundamentals enables them to be strong their entire lives. I love empowering others to achieve their goals & give them the tools to create a stronger life.