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There’s a lot of noise out there. There are a lot of accounts that tell you what’s worked for them will work for you. And that simply isn’t true. Your goals are specific to YOU and your values.

I started personal training with one simple mission: help people understand the basics of strength training and nutrition so they can live a stronger life without restriction.

I love strength training and witnessing my clients become more confident in the gym and see it affect all the other aspects of their life keeps me going.

I don’t believe in quick fixes. I don’t have any “miracle programs.” And I definitely don’t have any detox tea. What I have is simple, practical information and proven strategies that will help you get results. Check out my offerings below:

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In-person TRAINING


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These 60 minute sessions will be held in Seattle at the gym I conduct my personal sessions — address sent upon payment and booking confirmation.

If you are brand new to resistance training, we will build confidence in fundamental movement patterns in a safe and effective way.

If you are a seasoned lifter, we can train for 60 minutes on muscle groups you are currently focusing on, assessing form and ways to hit them more effectively. Full body, compound sessions are also an option: an overall major muscle group workout 🔥



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60 minute sessions for those wanting 1:1 coaching from me who live outside the Seattle area.

I have been training clients virtually for years and it is just as effective as being in person — don’t let distance stop you from working towards your goals. We can build confidence in exercises you’ve always had questions about (such as the difference between a squat and a deadlift).

If you’re new to strength training, holding our session in a familiar place (like your home or the local gym) can be a great way to ease into a new routine. We can cover fundamental movement patterns that will stay with you for life. For more experienced lifters, we can break the workout down in accordance to your goals.



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I am a certified Nutrition Coach and have been helping clients address challenges and work towards their goals for years. Every person is different in what they want, their historical context with dieting and relationship to food. I understand what works for one person will not work for another. We will work together to discuss what you want and work on steps to get you there with a flexible, practical mindset.

This is not a 14-day crash diet (the early 2000s were not kind to us). No gimmicks. Strategies for sustainable, long-term results.

Please note: I am a certified Nutrition Coach, not a Registered Dietician. I cannot create a specific meal plan for you — that’s illegal lol. I can give you expert knowledge and advice on the fundamentals of nutrition and create an overall plan including macros, calorie goals, protein targets, etc.


Founded in LA in 1998, Barry’s combines intentional strength training with high-intensity treadmill cardio to create an incredibly efficient and intense workout session. Each day of the week is focused on a different muscle group: my favorite days are Wednesday (Chest, Back and Abs) and Saturday (Upper Body Focus — think 80% upper body and 20% lower body). Barry’s is an incredible option if you enjoy working out to music with the energy of a room cheering each other on!

As a Founding Instructor for the Seattle studio, I have seen our community grow and shift in so many ways from day one — this place is really special and I would love to have you in class. Click the link to check out my teaching schedule 💪🏼